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The rapid rise of electric scooters in Berlin and the world

What are the main ideas behind this new form of mobility?

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What are the main ideas behind this new form of mobility?

This case study dives into the rather sudden appearance of electric scooters in Berlin, with the aim of showing how a new mobility concept is being introduced by different providers to a city with over 3 million inhabitants.

Examples will be given featuring several providers who are currently battling it out, such as: Lime, Voi, Bird and Tier. These companies fight over market share and employ creative strategies to attract new riders, as well as retain existing riders. The focus will thus be mostly on concept development from an end-user perspective. But which one of these providers will win over the others? Besides having a strong concept, it's going to come down to other factors as well, including the size of their marketing budget and funding. The case study will touch upon these topics briefly, but limit the scope mostly to concept development.

Note: this is a preview. The full case study will be published in 2023.

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