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In a world where most businesses have at least some kind of digital aspect to them, business development and digital development are closely related. In general, it is about creating lasting value for an organisation in a methodical, hands-on manner. It is about making measurable progress towards specific strategic goals. It is any activity that develops the business or its digital aspects.

RevBlue can assist with both business and digital development, especially where the two intersect. How can your digital development support your business development, and vice versa?

How does it work?

RevBlue can provide this service for a variety of clients: new businesses, established businesses that are expanding, rebranding or pivoting, or businesses that want to keep optimising what they are already doing. We can assist with specific requests or projects. We can start small and grow together, or work with a larger scope for a bigger immediate impact. Our involvement can start at the beginning of a project as well as in later stages.

As for the digital development part, this service is different from the Website & app development service for a few reasons:

  • Solving challenges vs. digital updates
    Business and digital development is typically more about solving abstract challenges than about the updating of a website or an app itself. For example: if you want to refresh the styling of a website, that can be a specific project where you already know exactly what you want to see changed. A digital development project, however, often starts with an open question, such as: how can our online presence bring more visitors to our physical locations? (e.g. stores / events / restaurants / galleries)
  • Long-term vs. one-time
    A website or an app can be delivered by RevBlue as a one-time project, with the option of performing maintenance as needed. However, many businesses find that they need focused development on a more regular basis. A longer-term client-agency relationship ensures that this development is tailored to your situation without incurring too much overhead in communication and planning. Connecting digital development to business development means that both are in sync.
  • Building with you vs. building for you
    A website or an app can and often should be a relatively simple, non-complicated source of information, custom to your brand. Sometimes it doesn't need to be more than that - there is beauty in simplicity. In contrast, you can see a website or an app as an expression of the organisation that publishes it: the things that are highlighted and featured prominently are typically the main priorities of the business; the content that is added on a regular basis shows what the business wants to keep people up to date on. The layout and the content need to match or ideally exceed the customer expectations. It seems straightforward enough, but how often do businesses get this right and absolutely delight the customer? How often do potential customers just leave to go do something else?

    When RevBlue builds a solution for you, we do everything we can to make sure that the delivered result enables you to achieve your business goals, and that all stakeholders are satisfied. When RevBlue builds a solution with you, we integrate with your teams and processes much more comprehensively. This could mean surveying customers, listening to the requests and pain points of your staff, or providing specific information about digital development that helps clarify and define what you want the digital solution to look like and what your customers should experience.

    Is one way of working better than the other? Not necessarily, it is entirely dependent on what fits your situation and preferences best. It can also change over time: if we start working together in a very integrated way, our involvement could change as your internal digital knowledge, experience and skills grow. We could then reduce our involvement, or discuss what's next for your business.

We can work together with you to determine which services fit your situation best, and mix and match them to solve your particular challenges.

Other services

Concept development & consulting service

For ideas, projects and businesses in the concept stage. For consulting in combination with or instead of hands-on development.

How do we start?

You can always contact us if you have questions or need specific information. Our team is happy to get acquainted and start discussing your needs.

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